Updates to Insights Global Filters

  • 1 April 2020
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Updates to Insights Global Filters
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Hi everyone!  I am Vlado, one of Mixpanel’s PMs here.  We’re making a small update to the Insights Query Builder to simplify the UI and to make it consistent with the rest of the core reports. We will be migrating in the next couple of weeks all of the existing bookmarks that use Global ‘Or’ filter operator to use the custom property or inline cohort instead as these are more powerful. We are making this change as only 1% of Insights bookmarks have used the ‘or’ operator feature in global filters and we have a better workaround, custom properties & inline cohorts, that are more powerful.



As of today, you will be still able to edit your saved bookmarks that use the ‘Or’ operator in global filters in Insights, but you will no longer be able to create a new report using this feature. Over the next couple of weeks, we will migrate these reports on your behalf, so that all of the existing bookmarks using this feature use custom events instead.


Suggested workarounds:





1. cohort, event & user selectors

Create an inline cohort


2. 2+ cohort filters selectors

Select cohorts in cohort selector


3. event and user selectors

Create a custom property with IF + or formula 


4. 2+ event filters selectors

Move filters inline





I use a global ‘or’ operator in my bookmark, will my Insights bookmark still work?

  • Yes, until we complete the migration you can still edit your existing bookmarks using global ‘or’ operator in the Insights report. After the end of the migration, we will automatically migrate your bookmarks to use one of the workarounds highlighted above


I have a use case where I used global ‘Or’ operator in the past that I did not save, how can I build my query again?

  • Please see the guide above (Migration plan & workarounds) for more guidance


Are you changing any other reports besides Insights?

  • No, this change will not impact any other reports or saved bookmarks

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