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  • 9 July 2019
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There are several things to check to see why your data might not be showing.

  1. Double check your token:
    Most of the time when this occurs the user is sending data to the wrong project. Check your token to make sure this isn't the case.
  2. Check Mixpanel's status:
    You can always check to make sure Mixpanel itself is operating normally.

Using Javascript Library

  1. Make sure you are tracking events:
    You need to actually track an event for the data to show up. Just pasting the snippet isn't enough as event tracking calls are not included automatically in the snippet--those need to be added by you.
  2. Turn on debug mode:
    You can change your init call (the last line of your snippet) to enable debug mode:
mixpanel.init("YOUR TOKEN",{debug:true});

This will print the full event and property details to your console whenever they are fired. One useful tool is the MP-Debug Chrome Extension which automatically enables debug mode on every page you visit with Mixpanel.

Using Mobile Libraries

Mixpanel recommends using a web debugging proxy like Charles or Fiddler to watch traffic from your mobile app to Mixpanel. You will see standard Mixpanel API calls as documented in our API spec. By Base64 decoding the data parameter in these calls you'll see exactly what your app is trying to send to Mixpanel, which will help with debugging.


If you are getting a "0" back it means there is a problem with your request. Add the parameter verbose=1 to your call to see a more verbose error. If you are getting a "1" back then base64 decode the data paramater to see which token and event name are being sent.

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