**NEW** Retention Product Update

  • 13 July 2021
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Hey team ✌️


If you haven’t checked it out already, the new retention update has landed on the platform.

On today’s webinar I am going to be talking about it and providing some instructions on how best to use it - come and join us!


These are the steps I will be covering:

NB: Sign up is event A,  the next significant event is event B. You can add a 1st time ever filter if you are looking at events post-sign up

  1. Select your events
  2. Select the unbounded option of ‘on or after’ which loosens the analysis e.g. on or after 7 days post sign up, for example
  3. Change timeframe criteria from day to month
  4. Set timeframe from 7 day standard to 6 month, for example (can be month, can be 3, can be 12) to see how retention changes month on month (which you have always been able to do)
  5. Now, you might want more detail; select ‘each month’ and choose ‘custom’ (this is where you can define retention alongside your freemium model; this is also good for businesses/users who are in a proof of concept stage)
  6. In the custom fields, enter in the duration of the time periods. For example, if you want to look at 7-day windows, put ‘7’ in each bracket
  7. Visualise your retention in 7-day blocks to see how your users are sticking around
  8. To be more granular, you can apply filters just like you can in ‘insights’. This might define those user on a specific premium plans where feature restrictions might apply
  9. Alt, you can also apply breakdowns to see this information by acquisition channel to assess campaign ROI

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