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Mixpanel Q&A | April 2022

  • 27 April 2022
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Mixpanel Q&A | April 2022
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Of the 37 questions submitted, we were able to answer the following questions live in the session:

  1. Please share a use-case for edtech. At iCode we provide live online classes, and self-paced trainings as well.
    can you demonstrate a cohort use?
  2. Does Mixpanel share the raw data (like raw hits data)?
  3. Can you please talk about the accuracy of the reports/data that Mixpanel provides? Does it do sampling or back-calculate the data in Goals/funnels as GA does?
  4. Can you bring in any events already created in GA into MixPanel? If so, how can you do this?
  5. Usually, after integrating Mixpanel, how long does it take to start seeing the benefits of it?
  6. How many events you can add to each funnel? Can we merge the data of two funnels?
  7. Do we need developer support for custom event set up?
  8. Does Mixpanel provide direct help/support contacts for implementation or at later stages?
  9. Is there a way to check for bounce rates?
  10. How to integrate mixpanel with an in-app or push notifications tool ?
  11. What does mixpanel offer differently than other open source platforms like snowplow?
  12. How to tell events are not populating as intended
  13. What's the best way to get a new event/s set up - go to internal teams or straight to you? and how can we check definitions of existing events
  14. I want to use mixpanel as a tool to link individual users to app activity, how can I create a report that filters out a funnel-type journey for user X ?
  15. Best reporting tool that supports mixpanel data
  16. Funnel: Recommendations and Best practice
  17. How is mixpanel better than GA?
  18. Do you recommend using A/B testing tools like Optimizely, Kameleoon, ABTasty? How do they integrate? 
  19. Mixpanel for beginners basic tips
  20. Any plans of improving the visualisation of reports?
  • Group Analytics will allow you to group your data at company/org level as well as individual level as show here
  • For some inspiration around the EdTech use-case check out our sample datasets here; media is the most similar example
  • We have an overview of GA and Mixpanel side by side here 
  • We have both solutions (people) and technology (platforms) partners all listed here who can help with implementation and strategy at any-stage; beginner, refreshing, fixing and more.
  • Here's info on how to create a tracking plan to set you up for success in choosing events and planning properties alongside
  • There is a mixpanel for developers workshop here that supports you as you implement 
  • Here's how to create a custom-event
  • In funnels you can analyse a user journey that presents 2 or more options using comparison steps, here’s a short video showing how 
  • We have some ideas around tracking bounce rates in community here 
  • Data pipelines can be a handy way to grab the raw data from Mixpanel and push it into other tools. Alternatively our developer docs. will tell you about all our APIs.
  • We’re always improving the product based on our vision and your feedback which you can share in community by selecting “new post” in the top right and selecting “idea”, you can see and upvote ideas others have posted here. We then share updates and new features here.

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