Mixpanel For All | October | EMEA & LATAM Edition

  • 28 October 2021
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Here are the top questions from our most recent Mixpanel for all webinar, if you want to know more about any of these points, leave us a reply.


I am from the Customer Success team, and would like to know more about the use of Mixpanel for CS and integrations with CS apps?

There are a few things:

  • Group Analytics - this will allow you to view analytics at both the user and account-level as most CSMs are in a B2B business where the users and the paying-client are often separate.
  • Public Dashboards - This will allow you to share the customers’ user-engagement on your platform with them directly. It’s gated and specific so they will only see their data and as a result you can spend less time telling them stats (as they will have it in real time) but collaborating to increase engagement and plan enablement etc.
  • Engagement - Create your own reports in insights for each of your clients so you can track DAU/WAU or MAU as a measure of engagement. You can also apply a breakdown to surface the most popular parts of your product and deliver trainings in areas of low engagement.

What are the first/most important things to focus on when using something like Mixpanel, when making a SaaS product?

  1. Understand what you want to actually measure by establishing KPIs for your product
  2. Make a tracking plan which will detail all the events and properties needed for those KPIs
  3. SaaS products should also look at Group Analytics as a feature to leverage both user and client-level analytics

How to get the marketing channel for the registered user if we are using Adjust to measure the attributions? I believe we should send it as profile property?

You can check out more about the integrations here https://mixpanel.com/partners/adjust-technology-partner/ and here https://help.adjust.com/en/integrated-partners/mixpanel.

We are currently using the free version and we would like to understand how the Impact feature + Find interesting segments would help us. We're a B2B SaaS company.

  • Impact - This is used to understand the impact of a new feature or launch, showing whether it’s had a negative or positive impact on another KPI or event
  • Find interesting segments - This can help surface cohorts of users with interesting behaviour that may not initially be obvious

Could we use Mixpanel for tracking metrics like customer churn, lifetime value, etc? If yes, how would you recommend starting with?

Yes, Retention ultimately measures the flip-curve of churn. You can also create a cohort of people who did something then stopped doing it for a long time, so the transition from active to inactive based on an event e.g. users who have triggered an app session in 30 days

For LTV you can use our lookup table to import data on spend if you’re not already tracking that and apply it in insights report with formulas to show the LTV over time. We have more information on that here.

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