Mixpanel For All August 2021

  • 10 August 2021
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Check out the recording for this month’s Mixpanel for All where we covered:

  1. Mixpanel for all Framework
  2. Best reports for a product manager in a startup?
  3. Can Mixpanel integrate with Google analytics?
  4. Is it possible to see if a particular conversion rate is improving/worsening over time?
  5. How to visualise funnels and use Mixpanel to improve conversion rates

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August Top Questions


Anyway to analyze New users' interaction and compare it to New users' from last week?

I would suggest creating cohorts for the group of users you are interested in and compare them.

How do we set up tracking of events?

For event tracking, the help page here would be a great place to start Feel free to post here in community if you have more questions :)

Is it possible to drill down into a particular stage in a flows report and create a cohort out of that sub-step?

Currently, you are not able to create cohort from a Flows report, but depending on your use case, you can do this from a Funnels report if you can replicate part of the flow there.

How do we visualize traffic sources with mixpanel?

Mixpanel will track any utm tags associated with the link a customer clicked to arrive at your domain. Mixpanel only tracks first touch UTM parameters by default.

I collect the daily login numbers of all my customers every morning. Can I send these numbers through some API daily whenever we collect them so that we can see the trends of these numbers across customers using mixpanel?

You can write a script using our formatted data export endpoints. -- https://developer.mixpanel.com/reference/export#raw-event-export

How can we track campaign level data using Mixpanel?

Are you using one of our messaging partners (e.g. Braze, OneSignal)? If so, we have setup guide for each of the partners here. For example, you can find the setup for Braze at this section.

What's the best approach for B2B SaaS companies to group and segment their users by their company?

You can start tracking company names as event or profile properties to start filtering or breakdown by company names in reports. Alternatively, you can consider Group Analytics feature here that designed just for the SaaS use case.

How to effectively manage existing users (e.g set up their user profiles) that before implementing Mixpanel?

The key here would be the $distinct_id. A distinct_id is assigned to every user that is tracked, and it connects all of the events performed by an individual user. More information on Disctict ID’s here.

Does event properties support "Date" format? or any suggestions for data format in terms of comparing duration? (e.g subscription duration)

The date format supported is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS. Please take a look at our document here.

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