Have questions? Mixpanel's VP of Product & Design has answers.

  • 7 April 2020
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Join us on April 16 at 11am PDT for an AMA-style virtual event. Register now, and don't forget to ask your questions ahead of time via sli.do using code #MIXVP. Don’t worry—he’ll also be taking questions live during the session. See you there!

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The questions submitted so far are :fire::fire::fire: 


How do you prioritize features at Mixpanel?

What are your top KPIs at Mixpanel?

How do you define your product strategy?

What tools do you use at Mixpanel?

How do you organize your product teams at mixpanel?  

Especially in B2B SaaS, how do you balance the philosophies of building what a customer wants and asks for -vs- not building a faster horse (instead of a car)? 

How does Mixpanel use Mixpanel?


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