Frequency, is there a tipping point? If so, do you know yours?

  • 16 November 2020
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I recently read this article Social Media Today > Facebook Shares New Insight on Ad Performance Based on Frequency

It shares insights around Facebook ad performance and the frequency and amount of times an ad is viewed by a user; in short form the more views the better until a point.

It made me think of the Frequency view in Funnels Report (not to be confused with Frequency in Retention Report) which allows you to create cohorts of those who have triggered an event “x” times as shown below, also linked here:



For you, these funnel steps 2 to step 3 can represent an up-sell or down-sell page in your platform as well as being part of a core journey. A part of your user experience like a form that should be done once or an information-page which can be viewed and “backed” out of. Frequency raises some questions for me from a product and marketing perspective:

  • What was the design here, should every step be done once?
  • Is repetition of this step indication of a technical issue?
  • Is there a level of fatigue your users are getting for steps that are automated communications/pop-ups?
  • Are the users who visited the upgrade page more than 10 times then going on to unsubscribe from communications or downgrading?
  • Are users who visit the pricing page between 3-5 times like to churn?
  • Is it too much information to digest in one setting?
  • Does the UI provide enough urgency?

So many questions you can explore in this view alone but also by creating cohorts from each segment (by clicking the bar itself) and analysing their behaviour before and/or after that particular event in the flows report or individually in their user profiles.

So many questions… I’d love to hear how you are analysing your frequency within your funnels and the types of questions your asking!

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