Answering questions (Part 1)

  • 9 September 2020
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Mixpanel is designed to help you answer questions, which is why it’s important to start with the questions before you approach the reports. These questions are your KPIs and metrics as noted in the previous post.

This week we will walk through the most fundamental of Mixpanel’s reports through the lens of those questions which you can test out inside your own project or the sample datasets here. There are examples and step by step instructions for each.


Allows you to analyze your user data as a current snapshot or as a trend over time. Explore the Basics or go with the Deep Dive Course to understand the features.

  • How many users triggered x in the last 30 days? Example

  • What is the average number of times a customer has triggered x in the past 6 weeks? Example

  • How many DAU are triggering this event? Example


Examine how end-users perform events in a series. Determine where in your workflows a user might drop off, or even better, fully convert (and how long that takes down to the second)! Big success! 

  • What is the conversion rate of…? Example
  • Which partner/affiliate has the highest conversion rate? Example
  • How long are users taking to convert through this part of the product? Example


Identify the most frequent paths taken by users from or to any event. Unlock every user’s journey and how they’re using your product.

  • Where did they go next? Example
  • Where did they come from? Example
  • What are the most common pathways through x part of our product? 


Segment users into buckets based on when they first completed an action, and then subsequent buckets based on when they came back and fired another event. Find out more with Retention Report Basics

  • How did x month’s users retain? No example possible in the sample data, please use your own project
  • What is the source of our highest retaining users? Example
  • How many times per day is the same user triggering x event? Example


  • If it lights up blue when you scroll over it click it
  • You can’t break mixpanel so be curious
  • I’m only a message away if you have questions or want support

The homework for this week is to select a “question” that is relevant to you that you haven’t “answered” before in your own project and share the any insight from this report in the comments

e.g. I answered “how long does it take for users to onboard?” and found it was a lot shorter than I thought.


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