AMA with Nofar Albarak - Follow up questions answered!

  • 11 June 2020
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AMA with Nofar Albarak - Follow up questions answered!

We hosted an AMA (ask me anything) style forum with Nofar Albarak, an experienced product leader who’s built products that serve Fortune 100 companies and millions of users across the globe. In this session, Nofar provided guidance on growing and developing a high-performing product team, as well as answers to questions that were pre-submitted and asked live during the webinar.

You can watch on demand here.

Click the links below to see Nofar’s questions that we didn’t get to respond to during the live event:


Q: When looking at your product, when you have lots of ideas for new features, how do you know which feature to build?


Q: I’m looking to remove a feature in my product, but not sure whether it’s the best idea as some customers use it. What can I do to make this decision easier?


Q: Should one ever compromise core brand values in favor of profitability, or more competitive market pricing/positioning when speccing a product?


Q: What should i keep in mind while doing backlog refinement?


Q: How to build a successful product team for early stage hardware startups? Do we need to hire a product manager at this stage?


Q: How to gauge the success of new feature release?


Q: How to integrate data scientists work into the product and ship analytics products fast?

(And check out this blog post for related reading: “When ‘better, faster, stronger’ isn’t enough” by Nofar Albarak)


Q: What are the checks a Product Manager should keep in mind before launching a Product? How should one do a RCA if a particular product is not getting sold?

A: It's really wide spectrum and the approach is different depending on whether it is a new product, a product expanding to new markets, or re branding... There are specific angles for each I'd encourage you to look for blog posts on medium and read how someone else launched a product similar to yours, and learn from experience.

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