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22 Mixpanel Tips for 2022

  • 7 February 2022
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22 Mixpanel Tips for 2022
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At the top of the year our Professional Services Managers Peishan Tan (APAC) and Harriet Kaufman (EMEA) sat down with me to spill the beans on the top tips for Mixpanel reports and capabilities folks should leverage this year.

Here’s what they came up with:

  1. Review all your reports and dashboards; rename and delete at your own discretion from the new navigation.

  2. Include a link to a high-level public dashboard to your board meetings

  3. Complete your year in review to reveal any seasonality, compare 2021 to 2020 and use the insight to inform your 2022 strategy

  4. If you’re a project owner or admin, jump into your organization settings to mark key dates, review your top users,top reports and billing so far. 

  5. Ready to implement? Check out our updates to Import API 

  6. Before you leave the organization setting don’t forget to add new folks in the company and remove alumni; better yet explore SSO access.

  7. Get implemented with our help here or our partner’s help here or review your implementation with our top tips here

  8. Don’t have a product analytics strategy? No problem, join the session with Matt on the 8th March here

  9. Take your cohorts to the next level with the additional functions to segment on averages of properties, unique days and much more here

  10. Review your focus metric? Is it still WAU or is it all about WAU who engage on 5 distinct days out of 7 (example)? Does your 2021 definition of “active” still hold true? Find out more with The Guide To Product Metrics here

  11. Create a cohort of dormant users and super users with some life-cycle analysis here

  12. Run the Signal report to see which events correlated positively with folks ended up in your super-user segment

  13. Take a few steps back and look at your tech stack, are you using tools that should be integrated with Mixpanel but aren’t? (No judgement) Check out our integration directory here and get the tools-talking in no-time

  14. New to the team and new to Mixpanel? Use the team member side panel to see who’s the resident expert on Funnels so you can set up a call.

  15. Join Mixpanel for Marketers with Apoorva to learn how you can send event-triggered messages to re-engage users here

  16. Launched a new feature and the insights trendline was practically vertical? Click the trend line to find out who was part of that glorious result/

  17. Inherited Mixpanel Project ownership and a little lost on what’s what? No problem, track activity history in lexicon to see who can tell you what’s what! 

  18. Enrich your data with just a csv. No engineering required. Lookup tables and the Lookups API are here to stay.

  19. Can’t start the new year with old and in relevant events. Use Lexicon to hide, drop, merge, and rename to make it easier for your teams.

  20. Not supporting older OS anymore? Group them with a custom property to see them all together.

  21. Set up new, or update, alerts to be sent if your main KPIs drop or hopefully rise.

  22. Make sure your product CTRs are still working in the new year by using the formulas to calculate clicks from impressions.

We hope this tips get you set up for success. Hit reply to add your own and let us know how it goes!

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