2021 | Your Year In Review

  • 24 December 2021
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2021 | Your Year In Review
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What’s the point in having real-time data if you don’t enjoy the past-time data too? I’m talking about looking at the year just past and even the year before to draw new insights about your products performance. Create the following reports to complete your very-own Year in Review and see what you uncover!


  1. Add annotations to insights and funnels
  2. Compare MAU to past year in insights
  3. Retention over the past year broken-down by source
  4. Run a Signal report of 2021 power users
  5.  First purchase funnel past 12 months compared to last year
    1. Has the time to convert changed?
    2. Has the conversion rate changed?
  6. Run an Impact report on any new features vs goal-event


Add annotations

Let’s try and anchor these reports with some nuance. If you haven’t already add annotations to your insights report for the past 12 months noting key changes in strategy, launches of huge campaigns, product launches, entering new markets, shifting the business model and other changes so we can see that alongside any trend-line in Insights and Funnels. More here

MAU over the past 12 months

Choose your goal event or your focus metric and select “compare to previous year” to see

  • Is some seasonality showing up where activity changes around key months?
  • How has last year performed against the year before overall?
  • Were there any seismic moments this year that impacted the engagement?
  • Click the 2021 highest point in trend-line to see WHO the MAU were, do the same for 2020 then create a cohort of super-loyal folks who are in both groups


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