2020 Marketing Trends in Mixpanel

  • 11 September 2020
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2020 Marketing Trends in Mixpanel
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Firstly, let me confirm that I am not the one who dubbed these as trends. In fact, I prefer to describe them as experiments as something that works for one platform may not work for another but we never know until we try!

Here I have found a few and explained how you can implement and/or track them in your mixpanel project.


Programmatic Marketing 

Mixpanel, alongside any of our partners can easily become part of the foundation for this trend, of hyper-targeted communication. By clearly segmenting your users based on the events triggered you can provide messaging based on their action or inaction at key stages of your journeys. 

Our cohorts report is the best place to build your lists and you can activate the Facebook and GoogleAds integrations to create audiences or lookalike audiences as well as a platform like Marketo or Airship to send tailored messages at the right time to the right person with the right message.



In Mixpanel, your name is a user profile property. This means you can analyse it but it also means you can export it and pull it into your EMS/CRM as a tag. Names, birthdays, first date they registered, total number of videos watched, songs played. All of this helps to show the customer you know them and understand their needs when it comes to your product.

Have a look inside your project’s Lexicon then select user profile properties to see the full list of potential places for personalisation (tongue twister I know!)


Video Marketing

Media platforms are leveraging mixpanel as shown through our customer stories and experienced in our sample datasets here. But if you have video content hosted online at the top of your funnel are you tracking those through UTM tagging? If the videos are hosted within your platform are you tracking the engagement and impact of said-engagement on retention and other key metrics?


Influencer Marketing

This can often be detected via a referral code. Is this something you are sending as an event property? If you are investing in this method of marketing are you using insights reports to see daily transactions via each influencer/affiliate partner?

Are you also analysing the impact of purchases made with this referral code on the total transactions in our impact report?

You can also create a cohort of users who came to you through influencers and see how they perform alongside the rest of your user base across a full dashboard of metrics as shown below in the Experiments Report:

Geo Fencing

Back in the 90s we were all astounded as we crossed international border and our phone networks sent a message saying “hi welcome to {insert country}”.

You can bring this delighting communication into the new millennium by sending messages based on the locations logged as event properties. Introducing any nuances in their new timezone or region could be helpful in this way.


Long-form content

This one is straight forward, if you have longer features on your blog, track your blog and see the visits to each type of post. This is something you can collect using custom properties to group your long form and short form content respectively based on the URL.

You then can analyse the event in this way and even go one step further using our new insights query builder to see the average views per user as described here.


User Generated Content e.g. community

If you have a user-community and you aren’t tracking this in mixpanel why not? Being able to understand the content users are engaging with alongside their behaviour in the app can be so powerful for your marketing flywheel and any efforts to build customer advocacy.

  • You can then use this as a measure of the effectiveness of the community.
  • You can also segment users who engage in the community more than x times in 30 days and better understand if the learning and connection is improving their understanding and value found in your product.
  • Who are the content creators and who are the consumers? Are any of these cohorts correlating strongly with retention, WAU or MAU as analysed in the Signal report?

What are your thoughts? Have you launched and analysed any of these trends in Mixpanel?

2 replies

New trends surprise the designer. I'm sure minimalism should be on trend for a few more years.

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