View only Live Dashboards to share with Investors and Clients?

It would be great to have a view only live dashboard something like CYFE already built in. This helps us share live data with investors and clients in a very authentic manner compared to sharing a dashboard running on our databases.


This was one thing we needed. Would also be useful for users that aren't too tech-savvy

Hi @pgwind and @tobi -

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Agreed. The consumer role exposes way too many functions and too much data. A dashboard displaying real-time key metrics on a wall mounted screen to the entire team would be so valuable. At the moment the expanse of the consumer roles means this is a security risk. No-one really wants to receive daily digests via email.

@gbben Thank you for sharing interest in this idea as well! We also filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Design team. 

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how do I find this feature in the interface?

Hi @caurijaye here it is