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Hi Mixpanel and Mixpanel community,

I am a Unreal Engine developer and recently implemented Mixpanel into my project. Sadly there is only a Unity sdk for Mixpanel. In my opinion it would be very interesting to have a Unreal Engine plugin too. There are only unofficial analytics plugins for competitors on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Sadly the company I work for decided to use Google Analytics instead, even though Mixpanel would be a way better fit in my opinion. I think that having a official plugin would give Mixpanel quite an advantage. My question is if there is an interest in a Unreal Engine plugin? If so, could I do this for you?

Have a nice day!

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Hello and happy new year,

I made an initial version to send batches of events from an Unreal Engine game/project. It allows Unreal Engine developers to send any event with any structure of data within C++ or Blueprints (see the example below). Blueprints allow non coders to develop within Unreal Engine without having to learn a programming language. The example below demonstrates sending an event with the name PlayerKilled and it converts the S_PlayerKilledEvent structure with all the data it contains to the correct json format required for the Mixpanel API.

For the time being I halted development and would love to hear back from Mixpanel if they are interested in supporting this endeavor further.

Next features would be supporting the ingestion API request instead of the track request to allow way more events to be send at once. I think it would also be very interesting for game developers to retrieve and visualize Mixpanel data within their game level. For example a game designer would be able to see the percentage of paths taken in a level. Or where most players died within a level. Visualizing 3D information like this in the Mixpanel frontend is not really possible.


@Yannick Lange Is your implementation is available somewhere?