UI for Batch-Editing Profiles

  • 2 July 2020

Today’s update to explore is very nice, and it reminds me of still one product gap that would be wonderful to close on the explore feature.


Quite often I’ll use the query builder above Explore to retrieve a set of users who should all have an identical user property, in order to verify that some routine we’ve built for setting that property is working correctly.


For example:

Viewed Homepage (where) Page Views is 1 (and) UTM Source is Facebook should mean we have an Initial Source value of Facebook for everyone in the resulting set.

If for some reason we don’t, say, because we had a temporary bug, then I need to either export and re-upload a CSV, or schedule a chore for our engineers.


It’d be great, instead, if I could select some or all of the profiles in the set, and execute a workflow of setting or creating a profile property to an arbitrary value for the entire set.


Definitely a powerful feature that would need lots of confirmations and disclaimers.. but could save organizations lots of time!

Hi @adam we have released lookup tables to support this use-case, have a look and let us know what you think?

Updated idea status SUBMITTEDSHIPPED