Tracking uninstalls

  • 15 February 2019

Uninstalls and churn are huge pain points for a mobile app. At the same time it's super important to understand the reasons behind the uninstall - did we send to many notifications? Or did the app crash a couple of times before the uninstall? Or was it a failed payment? Sometimes users just uninstall the app after transacting - especially true for products available on web as well in addition to mobile apps. Here even if you lose the user on the app, they may still be on the platform on another channel and may come back to the app in the future.

Would be super cool if Mixpanel's mobile app integrations on iOS and Android could help Mixpanel dashboard start reporting uninstalls over time and the top events+attributes that lead to uninstalls. Some insights on aggregated uninstall data would be awesome.

Also if the uninstall event can be inferred by Mixpanel, it can potentially show us valuable user journey maps later - eg. Transacted, uninstalled app, came back again after 2 months, installed app from a discount email campaign and transacted again.

@balajirq While Mixpanel doesn’t offer uninstall tracking out of the box, it is possible to build custom scripts that collect uninstall information and import it into Mixpanel. Uninstall data can then be viewable in Mixpanel reports. To read more on this, please take a look at our Mobile: Uninstall Tracking article.

Does this help achieve what you were looking for? If not, to get all the details of your use case, would you mind elaborating more on what you are envisioning? We would appreciate as much detail as possible!