Table View in Dashboards

Through Insights Analysis, I am happy to have the ability to write formulas that calculate important metrics for my company. However, I am unable to share these metrics (which are shown in a table in the Insights Analysis) within a Dashboard showing related information or an email digest to share automatically with the rest of the company. Adding this capability would be a huge help! 


We have a ‘what happened yesterday’ report where most charts are unnecessary, as we just want to see a few counts of various metrics. A table’s all you need for that, but that’s not an option in dashboard, meaning we have to figure out the best visualisation. Sometimes, just sometimes, a table of numbers is the best visualisation.

Yes please - we have an input field that we are tracking using mixpanel, and weekly we look at what has been suggested, but it isn’t easy to show the input in a bar chart, the table view that you can use in insights is much better.

Agree, we also need the table view for some reports. In some cases it’s just easier to read the numbers than trying to display it in bars, pies etc...

Agreed as well


+1 on this

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Agreed,  was just making a dashboard today and was surprised to see Tables aren’t supported. From a layman’s perspective at least it feels like one of the simpler views so its weird it’s not supported yet!