Support Per-Step Hiding of Flow Events

  • 15 October 2020

The potential of the flows report has excited me since its first release, and I check on it probably monthly. The recent update does feel like an upgrade, however, the inability to fully filter out noise (from a heavy implementation of events) still prevents me from finding value in it. 

If you want to answer the question “What do users do most often after X regularly occurring triggers that we send them” (i.e. sending emails, pushes, SMSs) there are a few gaps with Flows that really prevent you from answering this:

  1. Flows seems to treat the cohort and time period as a unique entry period rather than a ‘totals’ model. It deals with # of users for whom the first event occurred, rather than the # of total times the first event occurred for all users - each as their own distinct conversion / analysis opportunity,  
  2. There’s no way to time-box the conversion window for the steps you wish to understand. In addition to ‘Other’, it’d be helpful to have a representation of non-conversions: instances where no other un-hidden events were triggered after the prior event within a selected time range of the first event.
  3. The hiding system still isn’t quite useful yet for this kind of question. If you have an event like ‘Was Sent an SMS’ and your users receive SMSs often, it’s very possible the next event in their history is receiving another SMS (if they have no sessions between those events.) Flows won’t let you hide the event that the flow report is based on. It’s good to know how many users do nothing of interest before the next time the Step.1 event occurs (see above), but from there, if you want to break down what other users do in terms of a relative %, you’re out of luck. What would be helpful is if the Hide feature applied to the flows report as the UI suggests it will: checking boxes next to events in the dropdown placed over the flows report should… hides found events in the flows report other than at the steps you’ve manually configured, regardless of whether those events are the same as those in your steps.

Hope this helps!



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