Slack Digests

Ability to push digest to a slack channel instead of emails.

This would have the benefit that we could create a slack channel for product digests and anyone interested in following along in different reports would be able to see them in that channel.

Hi @lab,

Thank you for this feedback on our intergrations for Dashboards. I have gone ahead and filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team.

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I also really want to be able to post daily digest of a dashboard to slack! The email digest is great, I just want to post the same images to slack

@drewww Thank you for also submitting interest on having slack digests from Mixpanel! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Design team for review. 


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Ok great. I hope Slack digest becomes a feature! Right now I’m doing it manually each day

Great idea, which I am also keen on.

Would be great to give it some additional priority, because there does not seem to be any simple solution to send daily/weekly update to Slack.

Using Slack /remind with a link to Mixpanel does not work, because Slackbot does not have permission to access the Mixpanel reports. And no longer supports Mixpanel.

Sending periodic updates to Slack seems like an important use case with no simple solution at the moment.

Updated idea status IN REVIEWSHIPPED

Hi Jaz - where can we find information on using the shipped slack digests?

Hi @D McG the information is here.

Hi @Jaz-CommunityManager - thanks for the reply, this link is how to allow pasted links to unfurl automatically, but the thread was about digests specifically.

The same way email digests can be sent automatically to update relevant stakeholders on dashboards, that this be updated to allow auto-pushing to Slack (where our company does 90+% of communication). As explained here:


Is this the feature that was shipped? Or is there a workaround to allow this?

I’m using integromat to send digests from email to our telegram