Show custom events as single events in Flows

When adding or viewing a custom event in a flow, the flow breaks the custom event apart into all of the individual events that make it up. What I’d like is the option for it to show up as a single event, not broken out into the events it’s made up of. I want to have this option for custom events I add as steps to a Flow query and as a way to group/collapse steps that show up from using the + control on the Flow diagram.

On of my use cases is that our app has a lot of different training courses, which each have a lot of steps and that are tracked as unique events. I made a custom event for starting a training course that contains the different named training start events (ex. events called TrainingTopic1.started and TrainingTopic2.started (and many others) are both combined into a custom event called Training Started). In Flows, I can add the custom event as a step, but in the diagram it gets broken out into individual events again.

Additionally, when events that belong to the custom event show up added steps in a flow, they always show up as individual events. This breaks the streams into a bunch of separate paths that I don’t always need to know about. For example, if I look at a flow with another event (say, viewing your profile) and add steps to it, I want to see any ‘Training Started’ event as one node in the flow, not dozens of distinct events.

Hi @amyp ,

Thanks a lot for sharing your use case and providing feedback on the Flows report. I can’t think of a workaround for this based on how you’ve currently implemented Mixpanel. If you had a “Start training” event with “Training_name” / “Training_steps” as properties, things would have been easier. I’m sorry I cannot provide you with a solution, but rest assured your feedback will be passed on to the Product Team. I hope we can make it possible to use custom events in Flows sooner than later.


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