Share Dashboards to only Certain User(s)

  • 6 December 2019

Currently you cannot share a Dashboard with a specific user(s) or a team in a project. It would be great if you could control the viewing settings on Dashboards to only be shared with specific user(s) or teams in a project.

"We need to share dashboards with our client´s employees. Is there a way to share only one dashboard with only one employee?

I assume we´d need to create a Team like "Client´s employees" with consumer role but I can´t assign only one dashboard to one cosumer account.

I also know that I can send dashboards to a external users but sometimes the properties´ names look cut on the email and if the user click on "view dashboard" he needs to create an account that head to create a new project so the experience is pretty poor.

Thanks!" - @IvanMuniz2 , Original Idea posted here.

Hey @stephanie_MixpanelTeam I don´t see how to follow this idea...



You can click on the blue "FOLLOW" button of the right hand column of this post. I have attached a screenshot to help.

OMG :(


What is the go to work around for such a request? Manually exporting what is needed and manually sending these updates to others? Isn’t there any way to automate that (or, as requested above, give access to only certain dashboards/reports) ?

Any timeline for that on your roadmap?