Retention Reporting By Total Number of Users Over Time

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I’d like to have a view of retention that’s based on total number of users retained over time.  This would be in addition to what is available today reports on the number of distinct users retained over time.   When I use a retention report and break it down by a property I see the average retention of distinct users over time.


 I would like to have an option to see retention trends in the total number of users over time. It would help me ensure I’m retaining the same total number of visitors over time regardless whether they are unique. 

In the B2B space, when I identify an account that appears to be having poor retention when I look closer at the it the MAU remains the same over time.  What this likely means is there is churn within the staff of the account but not churn in the number of users using the feature.  

Its possible that this may be better suited as an Insights reports feature.  Possibly a Table view that shows MAU for each month.  Ideally it would bring forward or highlight poorer results, places where there were larger drops in number of users from the previous month.


The Total Users in green here over time would be what I’m interested in with the area in red being a percentage drop from the previous month.


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