"drill down" on events that make up an insights data point

  • 26 January 2021

As a developer, I am frequently trying to troubleshoot why an insights graph looks a particular way - why an event did or did not appear in the dataset.  In other analytics tools (like Amplitude, for instance), I’ve been used to being able to “drill down” and see the underlying events for each datapoint, either so I evaluate the accuracy/effectiveness of the search, or so I can troubleshoot an underlying problem in the app.

For example, imagine I have an error event that tracks an incidence of us showing an error dialog to a user.  It contains additional meta-information about the specific error that occurred.  I have an insights graph that shows incidence of these errors, possibly even broken down by type.  I’d like to see the actual events underlying those data points, so I can see this extra metadata.  Sometimes I can “fake” it by fiddling with breakdowns, but really what I want is to be able to browse the underlying data.  It doesn’t have to be fancy - it could be as simple as the UI that’s used for the live feed.

As a corollary, it would also be nice if I could build a search query in the UI, and then export the appropriate JQL - this would make it much easier for me to work around the above issue because I wouldn’t have to figure out how to write the same query I just build in JQL.  I tried to sniff the network connections, but it doesn’t seem to be using a general purpose JQL endpoint.

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