Provide Flutter integration

It would be very useful to have Flutter integration, to integrate for apps developed using Google's new framework (

@amitkot Thank you for sharing this feedback! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team. Make sure you are following this Idea - via the button in the upper right hand corner - to get emailed updates on its progress.

@amitkot while this Idea is still in review and we do not have an official Flutter SDK, I wanted to share a wrapper on GH that could help. Please note that this is from a third party and if you decided to implement this,  there is limited support on this if you run into any issues with Mixpanel. 

Another route would be to create your own SDK using our http spec. Please note that this will require engineering resources. 

Hello, Stephanie.

Another alternative is


@lamkrodrigues thank you so much for sharing!

There are a few different community plugins for Mixpanel integration on :

  1. - A dart wrapper on the Mixpanel REST API to be used in Flutter applications. As this is using the http REST API it works both with Android and iOS.
  2. - Great Native package provides similar bindings for iOS and Android, but doesn't yet support Offline and Batched data reporting.
  3. - Uses Native SDKs to integrate Mixpanel but not so well documented & scored.
  4. - Another Native-based library, only works on Android.

Would be great to have official support for Flutter soon.

@mayurdhurpate thank you for sharing these resources! I have also gone ahead and logged a product on your behalf to add some fuel to the existing Idea. 



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Hi @amitkot ,

We’re wondering how the Mixpanel ↔️ Flutter integration went using the above alternative packages. Do you mind sharing some insights about the integration? We’re also developing an app in Dart & Flutter and trying to implement Mixpanel with our app.

Also agree with @mayurdhurpate on having official support for Flutter apps.

For example, I wish to integrate new Mixpanel Notification Panel in Flutter. Now the package could have easily handled some of the config on iOS. I’ve created an issue( in one of the community packages, and waiting for progress on that. A official Mixpanel package would have solved many issues.

@Tina @mayurdhurpate Thank you both for also submitting the need for a Flutter app integration! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Design team for review.


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Any progress on this front? Flutter is wildly popular, I am surprised by the lack of a package.

I also need an official Flutter solution. In the meantime how can I implement Tweaks? I couldn’t see anything obvious in the http spec

We also need an official Flutter solution. Building an own bridge between the native Android and iOS SDK is a source of many issues. Other third-party solutions are not reliable.

+1, we need official full-scale Flutter support.

Any progress? 

My biggest concern about using one of the packages is keeping up with changes as mixpanel grows. Is there a plan to officially support Flutter? Google has added pretty granular event tracking through firebase, but I love the mixpanel visualizations and would much rather stay here. Any updates or plans you can share?

@stephanie When we can expect Flutter SDK. As it is always better to use and rely official SDK than any other.

You can also contact one of developers who already built it and make it official one with your changes. As Flutter is growing rapidly we don’t want to think which one to use or not. Please have a look at this thing

Hi Everyone! I’m really excited to share that we are coming closer to our Flutter SDK and this thread will be the FIRST to know when it is in Beta. 


We just released our React Native SDK, and Flutter is next up! I know it isn’t the news you wanted to hear, but we are getting much closer, so know that it has been moved into a priority position. 

Thanks for the update @cherise! Definitely looking forward to it, and we would certainly be interested in getting in on it early, participating in whatever beta program you have, and providing lots of feedback!

Hi @cherise 

Looking forward for Flutter SDK :)

Any updates about that?

Thank you



We are getting back to work from an annual holiday shutdown, but this is certainly on the horizon! @Zihe Jia will update this thread once we have a beta available. 

Would love to have access to the beta if it’s close! Currently looking at integrating our Flutter app with Mixpanel and would hate to invest a bunch of dev resources into a REST API implementation when a native SDK might become available soon

@cherise Thanks for the update. Are you able to disclose at this stage whether the pending Flutter SDK is being written as a pure Dart library or will it have dependencies on Flutter? Thanks!

I’d like to echo both @HoraceBG and @Zameer’s comments.

@cherise, any guidance you or @Zihe Jia can provide on the structure and dependencies of the SDK would be helpful as we prepare to start using it. And I would love for my team to participate in the beta, and I know they’d love to provide feedback!

Thank you!!

Hi @hchalmers @HoraceBG @Zameer , thanks for your interests in our Flutter SDK. The SDK will be structured as a wrapper to our native SDK both iOS and Android(not a pure dart). We are currently working on it, will update you the progress along the way. Once it’s done, it will be open in the the github. Please stay tuned. 

Hi @Zihe Jia and @cherise , my company is also very interested in your Flutter SDK and would love to Beta test if you’re looking for adopters!

Do you have any estimate on the timeline for the SDK - we’re trying to decide whether to use an unofficial package or not!