Previous Period - Be able to change what that means

  • 28 February 2020

Is there a way to set what previous period means.


To us it makes no sense at all to compare one day to yesterday. More reasonable comparison is to compare to same day of week last week or same day of week last month or same day of week last year. Today I can only get it to show in comparison to yesterday.


Meaning all my Dashboards say either 150% more than yesterday or being all red because it’s way lower than yesterday. We as a company have a trend which is greatly affected by day of week.


Any way to configure this or can I please request this as a feature, it cannot be only us that needs this.

Hi @marcussjolin,


I am not quite sure if I am understanding your idea. Would you mind providing more details on what you are envisioning? Currently you can control what dates you are looking at in the Insights report and check for (previous day, week, month, and custom date range).

For example if I am interested in seeing the total count of all my events for Monday 4/13 of this week and comparing to last week Monday (4/6), I can make the date selector look for April 13th and then change the compare to past to look for last week. This will show me this Monday(4/13) and last weeks(4/6) Monday as well. Picture below to help see this. 



It is worth sharing that currently you cannot save the compare to past feature on your Insights reports to add on your Dashboard view, this is an ongoing idea here. If you would like to see support for this, please let me know and I would be happy to log a product gap on your behalf with our team!


@stephanie My understand of the OPs request (and also my requirement) is that it makes no sense for a comparison to always be made to the previous day. For example, our SaaS service is B2B which means there’s very little use at weekends. Subsequently, on my dashboards that look at the current day’s use Monday’s always show a ridiculous change % compared to previous, because they’re comparing a Sunday (where we might have 30 people log in) against a Monday which is our busiest day where we have hundreds of people logging in.

What would make sense for my business is to compare against the same day last week


Would also love to have this feature and agree with @Crawfish’s explanation. For various seasonality effects (weekend, holiday season, etc) you might want to compare with a period other than the previous one. Some examples of what would be useful could be: Same day previous week, same week week previous month, same holiday period compared to last year, etc.


I would also like to be able to configure the comparisons for “metric” cards on dashboards.