Power user curves

I would like to be able to create power user curves (L30 or L7) as described in this article:


Although this is not a standard report in Mixpanel, it can be done throug JQL. See this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/peterknol/status/1027819971659931648

Or go direct to the JQL sample: https://gist.github.com/ttrefren/12564c475632bcbf42a2906497de79d3

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@jeanlaf and @peterknol -

I'm excited to announce that we now have this feature available in Open Beta!

The Power User Curve has been added to the Addiction report - let us know what you think! Here is an article from our help center for more info.

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Nice, thanks a million!

@cherise is the Power User Curve still available in the Retention Report? I am not seeing it in the report nor in the article that you linked. I’d like to measure the number of days in X period of time that a user does something.

@Ashley — The report is now called the Frequency report, linked here!

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@cherise - I don’t think the link you shared, helps in creating the power user curve as per the article.

If anyone has built it, would be great if you could share your method.

@HannahMaslar - FYI

Hey, I would also like to build the power user curve using Mixpanel.

Is this possible using built in tools or we have to use JQL for this?

You can perform a frequency analysis to help make a power user curve in an Insight report. The Insight Report Overview help center article has more information about how to do so.