Parallel funnel : Combine different funnel into one

  • 22 March 2019

Hello, on our application we have a timeline, we have a big funnel but there is different path to complete it.

You have to complete funnel 0 + funnel A + funnel B + funnel C to do KYC_SENT_TO_REVIEW (see the screen bellow)

I would like to be able to view this on Mixpanel, to be able to have multi-funnel in parallel in the same funnel view (see ugly screen bellow)

Hi @ababol -

This is an interesting idea! However, I was unable to submit a product gap on your behalf because you signed up for Community with a different email address than your Mixpanel Account. If you update your email address I would be happy to share your input with our Product and Engineering Team! Just drop us a comment to let us know when you make the change.

Hi @ababol we have since released comparison funnels which allows you to funnel comparison steps here. Can you let us know if this is helpful towards your use-case?

Updated idea status SUBMITTEDIN REVIEW

Wow thanks but I am no longer working for Shine anymore!

But be sure I will forward your message :)

Have a good one!