Page dwell time

I’d like to be able to report on how long users spend on specific pages. Much like the ‘session’ times where you could set a timeout, perhaps the entry time to a page could be tracked and then the exit time? A default timeout value could be used to end a ‘page session’ after n minutes of inactivity?

Thank you! and yes please! 

An out of the box feature for this should be a must have for any analytics tool.

Yes, this would be extremely useful for me too.

+1 would love this

@Crawfish you can track the page time using Mixpanel duration tracking. Basically, you start the timer on pageview and end on page change. 

here is article, I wrote, to get you an idea on how to implement it

article is on time spend on thinkfic courses but same principle can be applied to track any page time.

Thanks @Muffaddal Qutbuddin it’s good to know this can be achieved. Am I right in thinking though that if we then add a new page we have to then also configure the duration tracking because the page name will be new or is this a case of adding one snippet of code and then it will pick up any new pages?

My request for additional mixpanel functionality I guess is that there is just a ‘native’ page dwell time available in Mixpanel that does not need custom javascript code embedded in the site.

@Crawfish implementation should be scalable. So one code for all the newly added pages as well. 

Updated idea status SUBMITTEDIN REVIEW

this seems like a pretty basic functionality. Would like to see a “native” or “simple” way to do this wto having to use the funnel

Hi @Jaz-CommunityManager.
Any updated related to this?


Also following up on this 🙂 as it has been a year.

@Ahsen and @kirkn beyond using the funnel’s “time to convert” between 2 events and the code suggestions from @Muffaddal Qutbuddin above there are no updates here at the moment.

@Ahsen , @kirkn you can also check out this article on how to track average time on page metric in Mixpanel. Not super detailed but enough to get you rolling.

@Ahsen @kirkn 

If you need Time On Page from Mixpanel reports you can use the following approach as Mixpanel has a better option using Funnels and Time To Convert that we can use in this scenario.


Use the Funnel Report With Time To Convert.

Step 1 will be Page View/Screen View

Step 2 will be Page View/ Screen View

Breakdown will be Current URL of Step 1

Use Conversion Criteria to exclude the outliers or inactive users who came back the next day etc


Here is a screenshot of how you can built this report more accurately using Mixpanel Built-in Reports:

@Affan  Thankyou so much. Really appreciate this!

Agreed! We use Segment so it’d be great if there was a way the JS SDK could handle this that doesn’t require custom code!