No anchor needed for "any order" funnel reports

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Imagine this scenario:

Converted users are users that do action A or B.

Activated users are users that do action Ax2 and Bx2.

To check what proportion of converted users are activated, we would like to use a funnel report with the following steps in any order:

  • Action A with a 1st time filter
  • Action B with a 1st time filter
  • Action A
  • Action B

The hope is that the funnel report would recognize that the first two steps must happen first, but the reason why I do not want to the first two actions as step 1 and 2 or vice versa is because I want to include users who did action A OR B for the first time.

I was told by support that without a anchor step, this funnel report does not work.  But based on my scenario above, I am unable to anchor any step. I was told this is a product gap so I was hoping to gain upvotes if anyone else is having this issue or if anyone has a solution.

This funnel report seems like it should work given the function of “any order” but since it does not, it does feel like the “any order” feature is misleading in that it should be “any order with an anchor step”.

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