New vertical

  • 13 February 2019

Just wanted to share an idea that I had but still need to figure out the feasibility.

Since you'll work with a variety of companies, and startups might be one segment, what do you think of a possibility that you could open up an additional offering that shares these key metrics with angel/VC firms thus acting as an enabler?

I understand this might not be a major point of focus, but just thought it might be an interesting take since you will already have the data and it benefits both sides.

PS: This might also be an active lead gen channel as well as a feature that you'll can monetize at a later stage.

@suhasmotwani - We love hearing ideas like these and we really appreciate you taking the time to share it with us!

In order to log a product gap and get this idea to the correct team over here at Mixpanel, do you mind clarifying what this might look like from your point of view?

It sounds like you might be asking for a benchmark report that is specific to Startups, is that correct?

Or does this look like a partnership between VCs and Mixpanel that our customers can opt into?

I'd love to understand exactly what you are interested in so that I can log this feedback accordingly. Thank you for sharing additional information!