Move reports cross projects

If I create a report or dashboard in a development project, is there a way to copy or reproduce this same report in a production project without recreating it manually?  Would love this capability (export/import, “copy to”, etc).

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Hello, thank you for submitting your idea. This product feature request has just been submitted to the team. Stay tuned for updates!

@HannahMaslar Hi, any updates on this idea? Just on my way to duplicate a report between our QA and PROD projects.

To be honest copying reports is a huge need, as is just straight duplicating an entire project to get the dashboard design, reports and data structure in place, just with a new token/key to allow setup from Dev to Prod instances.

This is a must have.

Otherwise there is little point on segregating dev/prod envs and testing instrumentation if you need to manually go through the trouble of duplicating every single report.

This feature of duplicating reports and even whole dashboards along with reports would be really useful when having to work with similar apps or dev / prod  versions of the same app.
Please consider this!

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thank you!

Any chance there has been any movement or still on a backlog somewhere? We would find this extremely helpful!

Same here. Whats the status on this issue ?

Any update? This requires a TON of duplicate effort. Thank you!

I’m seeing lots of posts about this and surprised this isn’t a thing.

Another customer who would love to see this feature! Ditto to everyone else who expected this to be a native feature and doesn’t want to rebuild their reports every time they need to be promoted to production.

We really need this feature to fully test analytics between production and dev.

This is really necessary

This is very easy to do in Amplitude and felt really frustrated when I first used MixPanel

It is so frustrating not being able to copy/share them between environments. This should be core feature.

The ability to do this through an API would be really really helpful too. Right now report details can be exported via API, but reports can’t be created through it. So having an endpoint where those same report details can be sent (but with a new project token) could go a long way. 

It is the functionality we need !