Move reports cross projects

If I create a report or dashboard in a development project, is there a way to copy or reproduce this same report in a production project without recreating it manually?  Would love this capability (export/import, “copy to”, etc).

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@HannahMaslar Hi, any updates on this idea? Just on my way to duplicate a report between our QA and PROD projects.

To be honest copying reports is a huge need, as is just straight duplicating an entire project to get the dashboard design, reports and data structure in place, just with a new token/key to allow setup from Dev to Prod instances.

This is a must have.

Otherwise there is little point on segregating dev/prod envs and testing instrumentation if you need to manually go through the trouble of duplicating every single report.

This feature of duplicating reports and even whole dashboards along with reports would be really useful when having to work with similar apps or dev / prod  versions of the same app.
Please consider this!

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thank you!

Any chance there has been any movement or still on a backlog somewhere? We would find this extremely helpful!