Make the Mixpanel-API compatible with Python 3

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Hi guys, any ETA for release?

Hi @maxcorbeau, welcome to the community!

Per the engineer working on this- barring any unforeseen issues- it should be packaged and ready to go within the next two weeks. Hope this helps!

Hi @michael, great news! Will you release to or create a separate repo for v3 (just want to make sure I don't miss the github notifications)

yes it'll be there- it's going to support both 2 and 3

@michael: sorry to push, but having to maintain both python 2 & 3 codebases is far from ideal. I just checked and I don't see any updates. Any updates on this?

@maxcorbeau, Please feel free to follow up!

I'm told that we are finishing the final touches today and will be uploading the new wrapper to pip by end of week

@travis.lockwood and @maxcorbeau -

To provide a brief update, we are still working on this but we will keep you updated along the way and let you know when it is finally shipped.

Thank you for your patience!

- Cherise

@cherise / @michael : Can you guys give us an update on this?

Back in January 28 2019 you guys were “finishing the final touches today”. I’m looking at the repo, still no commit on master since 2018:

Still the mention “Python 3 is not supported” and still not working and I test with Python 3

Is this ever coming to python 3? (or have I missed another repo, in which case sorry) 

@maxcorbeau thanks for checking back in on this and apologies for the delay.  

I checked in with our team and it looks like it will be going through testing soon. The expected release date is the beginning of May. 

Again, apologies for the delay on this as we continue to work on it. I will check back if anything changes!

Hi @stephanie, any update on this track?





Hi there!
It’s getting more difficult to work with python 2.7, as there’s no longer any support. When will the mixpanel-api be compatible with python 3?



Hi Everyone — thank you for bumping this!


In the hopes to keep you out of the dark, this project is at a stand still right now. The engineer involved is working on a secondary project that was moved to a higher priority, but as soon as that wraps up, this is their #1. I know some of you have been waiting a year + for this release, so I want to be frank instead of keeping the carrot in front of you. I have a reminder set to report back next month with an update!


Sorry for the delay friends,



Hi everyone — chiming back here as promised. I do not have any updates to share, but I will certainly keep this thread updated along the way as we make progress.

As Python 2.7 is no longer maintained, I would hope that this adds some urgency to this task? Please share realistic timelines when possible

Hi @Crawfish @robyn-dunne @asfer @argishte @maxcorbeau and @travislockwood this has been shipped in March 2020, you can find the details here


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