Make recurring emails in Journeys send 24 hours after the previous email instead of 1 calendar day

I noticed that nearly all emails in my account sent via a Journey in the last 30 days have been sent at 12 AM.


This makes sense, due to the fact that Journeys send an email X days after an event or the previous email. However, this is inconvenient because I want my users to receive the emails during office hours, not while they are asleep.


Right now, it appears that the logic Journeys are operating under considers "days" to be calendar days after an entry event / previous Journey email. With that being said, 12 AM will always mark the start of a new day and journey emails will always be sent at 12 AM.


A solution to ensure that emails are sent at better times would be to track the "days" between entry events / messages as 24 hour intervals instead of calendar days. Here are two scenarios on how this would play out:


  1. Calendar day scenario: After receiving the first message in a journey, all following messages will be sent at 12 AM.
  2. 24 hour interval scenario: If a user enters a journey at 3 PM and receives an email at ~3 PM, all following messages will be sent around 3 PM


Obviously, I'm not sure if changing the functionality of "day" from a calendar day to a 24 hour interval would be a small or gargantuan engineering undertaking- but I have a hunch that this would help a lot of your customers (who have also probably been sending most Journey emails at 12 AM).

1000% Chris - Journey emails sent at 12am hurt our customer experience. This feature would be a huge win.

Updated idea status SUBMITTEDNOT PLANNED