Make dashboards public

  • 15 January 2020

I would like to to share some specific dashboards with anyone who have dashboard url. And maybe some password that will be shared with people in company.

@igo We submitted this as a product gap to our Engineering and Product Development team on your behalf.

We are in the same position really needing this. A public dashboard that we can share with our customers. Maybe even brand it would be soo nice. We could even pay extra for that feature.

We have an urgent need for public dashboards too.

We currently pay ~$100pm for an external dashboard tool that integrates with Mixpanel, allowing us to share dashboards externally via a public share link.

This workflow means we have to essentially replicate Mixpanel dashboards so we're able to share data with people outside of the organisation.

Hi there,

My name is Erik Levitch and I’m a Design Lead Manager at Mixpanel. My team is currently working on a Public Dashboard concept and we'd love to see if it works or doesn't work for you.

Do you have 30 minutes to try a prototype? During this meeting, we'll ask you to share your screen and use our user interface. Please note: this isn't a sales call. 

Book a call with us here »

My team and I will use this feedback to determine how to improve the product. We know you’re busy and we appreciate any time you can give us.

@erik-levitch I would love to see this and give some feedback. Too late?

@jyoung We completed a round of research last month but I’ll make sure to keep you in mind in the future!

This would be extremely useful to us as well. Looking forward to any updates on this. And I’d be happy to help with prototype research as well.

We really need this feature. Are there any updates on development? Happy to help with any research. Thanks

We are currently on MixPanel's trial here and one of the features I was looking for is the public dashboard. Count me in if you're doing another round of researches.


@luisatpsd  @kenzo7 @singletonfoundation @dominik @gustaf_hard @igo This is now in beta and we’d love to give you access, please DM me with your project ID so I can have you included? Here’s how you find your project ID.

Hi Folks!  I’m the PM on public dashboards and wanted to let everyone know that we’ve rolled it out to 10% of accounts but are actively seeking more feedback.  Please let me or Jaz know and we’ll make sure your project is included in the beta :) 

Alternatively you can email for access and/or feedback