Improve Dashboard Readability

  • 5 December 2019

I would love to be able to layout the dashboard in ways to make the metrics more readable. Please consider the following ideas:

Dashboard Sections

I would love to be able to split a dashboard into sections, where each section is a horizontal line with a title, that reports are kept within. Sort of like chaining multiple dashboards together.

Declarative Content

Common text content such as:

  • Divider lines (Can be used to solve the above suggestion)
  • Titles
  • Body text - to write descriptions

Wider Dashboard

Option to run 6 or 8 column layouts instead of the current 4 column layout. It would be awesome to be easily able to switch between these.

Whitespace blocks

Blocks of half height that allows us to create some whitespacing between rows.

Allow Flows in Dashboard

Options to color code content that belongs together

Hi @lab,

Thank you so much for this feedback on our Dashboards! I have filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team.

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+1 here for 

Declarative Content

This narrative ends up having to exist outside of Mixpanel right now, which makes sharing dashboards and their goals with non regular users more difficult as you have to accompany the dashboard with narrative that exists outside of the Dashboard.

As the volume of dashboards increases it also gives a way to communicate with one another about why each dashboard is created and how important it is, if it was just trying something out etc. 

Caveats and explainers can also be added this way. 

As an eg, we use Sisense which has a simple text block option to add to dashboards, which can also act as section dividers.


Came here to submit the “text block option” request like above. It would be great to just have cards on dashboards with room for text blocks and bullets to provide directions and context for reports. 

Came here to submit this suggestion as well.

If we could include free text and URL’s to other content within a dashboard it would improve the readability and add context for users who aren’t the creator.