I want to still being logged in in Community.mixpanel.com when I come from Mixpanel.com

I use the help button (below to the left in Mixpanel.com) as a shortcut to land in community.mixpanel.com but I need to log in again. Even I wrote and answer, I was requested to log in, did not remember the password, went back in the browser and lost the answer :(

Totally agree with this. Creating a new account seems like an unnecessary hassle. Also wondering if I will get double the emails now (since I was already receiving regular MixPanel emails)?

Agree! I guess it would be a problem now that a lot of people signed up to both product and Community with the same emails. However, I am sure people wouldn't mind having their accounts merged (I definitely wouldn't).

Agreed! I wrote long answers twice but then when I hit "post" it said I was logged out. I hit back and it didn't even retain my answer so I had to re-write everything.

Yes, I agree.

I certainly agree with this, It was pretty confusing to have to create a second account in order to contribute here. Definitely makes sense to streamline the experience.

@IvanMuniz @JamesStewart @amp @kateGR @braddunn @dkravchuk Thank you all for sharing this feedback on our Community Platform! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team. Make sure you are following this Idea - via the button in the upper right hand corner - to get emailed updates on its progress.

@ivanmuniz @jamesstewart @amp @kategr @braddunn @dkravchuk Great news, we just shipped Single Sign On(SSO) in our community platform QBQ! You will now be able to use credentials from mixpanel.com in community.mixpanel.com to keep you logged in across both platforms. Please take a look at Cherise’s post on Bringing Single Sign On (SSO) to community for more details and see if this change might affect your log-in flow.