Guide me - Mixpanel

  • 13 February 2019

We know mixpanel is a great product, loved by many, but onboarding and early usage has been a big challenge for us. I hope the community grows and there is good knowledge sharing.

We knew the power of MixPanel (that it can do this, can do that, we can segment audience, drip campaign, etc) but it takes lot of effort to actually understand and get them into practice. It would be great to have help tips and even examples/ case studies on what some users did and how did they go about it and the benefits.

With so many customers I'm sure many people/ teams/ companies would be using the data and analysing it differently. If there could be a collection of "successful execution with help of MixPanel" kind of folder would be of help.

Would be great if there were more official tutorials on specific functions/tools that are shown in these examples and to why that approach to analyzing it is the most optimal

They do have the Help Video Library here:

Maybe that can help for onboarding process :)

@Rel @ErnestWongGeotab - We currently share Customer Case Studies here. Is this what you were looking for? If this is not what you are envisioning, to get all the details of your use case, would you mind elaborating more on your Idea? We would appreciate as much detail as possible!