Filter internal traffic

Should be possible per project to filter:

- IP Range
- email domain
- etc

To enable filtering of internal traffic like is done on HubSpot, HotJar etc.

I understand that you want to charge for every event but Mixpanel for me loosing value because I have lot of internal traffic and not too much external and i can't separate them.

Please do not say you can filter out users in reports. This is not what I'm requesting. Event's should be not stored at all if filter them on project page. For example how to filter out internal traffic on retention page?

Thank you!

Hi @igo-

We hear you! I've submitted this idea as a product gap for our Engineering and Product Development Team to review for the roadmap.

Right now the current solution to prevent activity collection from a specific IP address is to first detect the IP addresses you'd like to exclude and then call mixpanel.register({"$ignore":true}) if a user's IP is in the range you've identified.

If you utilize this method it is important to note that Mixpanel will reject any Events with the $ignore key regardless of the value (i.e., "$ignore":false will also prevent Mixpanel from collecting events). So to start collecting data again, those individuals should use mixpanel.unregister("$ignore");. This method will prevent Mixpanel from from sending data going forward, but it will not remove past Events that were already sent in before this method was implemented.

The $ignore flag only applies to Event data; People Profiles by internal users will still be created and updated if the flag has been added.
If you would like to be able to filter out internal user profiles, you can add a People Property to each internal user's profile (e.g. Internal User: True) either manually via Explore or programmatically upon login. You can then filter out these internal users by setting a filter of Internal User: False when creating reports. Even though this is a filter at the report level, it would mitigate the need to add a collection of filters to a report.

I hope this helps in the meantime!

Thank you for a reply.
This approach is not be good because past user events will remain and it will cause very dirty data.

Best approach will be to:
- Filter based on IP range.
- And then to have option to remove all user events (new and old) automatically based on user property (like internal user = true) in all reports (in entire UX) or to delete them permanently. Like one filter on top of all filters. This should be configured in project settings. Because many internal users accessing project from home, remote developers from other countries etc.

All best,

Was this feature updated?
it's quite cumbersome to add filters to all reports and/or dashboards

Please add this basic functionality of filtering the users based on IP (not in reports, but before that)

This is sooooooo needed please :D 

Has this feature been added yet?