Feature Suggestion: Create a filter based on a list or CSV

I need to create a cohort based on an email list of 1000 users. If the user in my email list is also in Mixpanel, I want that person to appear in my cohort. It would be nice to be able to create cohorts or filter based on email so that I can accomplish this task quickly.

@telemarkus, I think this is a great feedback for our Import Explore! Mind posting this in the ideas section (rather than Q&A) so that it can get some votes from the community and better visibility from our product team? Adding the topic tag of "CSV Import" or "Cohorts" might also help for better search-ability.

How do I do this? I tried doing it by clicking on the Settings gear. And then clicking "Mood" but I did not see an ideas category

Happy to help @telemarkus! If you click on this link, it will take you to our Ideas section. There you can post your Idea by clicking New Post (screenshot attached). Let me know if you have any troubles posting!

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I have a similar use-case too. Giving some reward to a set of few thousand users, need to check their activity & impact of the rewards.

@praveen if the giving of the reward is a tracked event or maybe can be tracked as a user profile property you can create a cohort of these folks to analyse.

@Jaz-CommunityManager thanks for the suggestion, this is not a tracked event, for now we tried updating it as a user property & it worked, but it’s just that this way doesn’t look sustainable, because we can’t keep creating new user properties everytime we do something like this (it’s quite often). Doing it through cohort creation would be a neat solution.