Export all Event Data to CSV

  • 13 February 2019

The ability for non-programmers to be able to export all event data (not via the API) but through the UI and then consume in a program like Excel for custom analysis is a feature I would find beneficial.

Hi @devindvorak, I would be happy to file a product gap on your behalf. In order to get all your use case details, can you share with us on how you would use this?

Hi @stephanie , I was just looking for something like this as well. The use case for me would be to analyze certain events via excel.

For example Users tab on Excel would have rows of users which can them include a column for notes (e.g. early adopter interaction notes). Also, if reaching out to users individually for customer interviews the columns can be sorted to track progress.

Right now it seems downloading a csv is giving me 7 columns, but I’m not finding a way to download all events/attributes in another way. Please let me know if there is an existing way to do this now. Thanks!

Hi @arshia93 @devindvorak,

Thank you for this feedback on our platform! It sounds like there are a couple of ideas where Mixpanel can improve on. One is to be able to export all event data in excel format via the UI. For this idea, I have gone ahead and logged a product gap with our Engineering and Product team. Please make sure you are subscribed to this Idea - via the Subscribe star button at the bottom of the post - to get emailed updates on its progress.

Although not ideal (as this may require some technical knowledge), you can export you event data in CSV format using our API Module - steps shared in this old community post. I would recommend testing it on a dummy project first to get a feel for it.

Another idea I see is being able to put private notes in people profiles is something you can do on Excel but not in Mixpanel. Currently the work around for this would be to set a user profile property to store a note.

Digging further, I am curious to know what other analyzing you can do in Excel but not Mixpanel? This feedback would be helpful for our team to take into consideration and improve our product. I’ll be here for the additional feedback! 

@arshia93 @devindvorak, great news! You can now export your event data in CSV format via Lexicon. I have attached a screenshot to help see.




I d like to download that list of event too. But there is no [Download CSV] button on my Lexicon. Did you remove it?


@GlitterBorg —

Only project owners and admins can click Download CSV in Lexicon to receive a CSV file via email that contains the event and properties, or user profile properties data from a project. (More info here)

Are you the admin/ owner of this project?

I’m trying to run a CSV download to pull user activity data, particularly from these specific fields. However, when I navigate to “Lexicon” page and click on “Download CSV”, I’m getting data that just doesn’t make any sense for anyone that’s looking to view user activity. 

How can I run a CSV download to pull data from the below fields. The data I’m interesting in viewing in csv is what url the user has clicked on, where they are located, and what device was used: 

    • Events
    • Time
    • Browser
    • Browser_version
    • City
    • Country
    • Region
    • Current_url
    • Screen_height
    • user

Hi @tkmgs —

For that information, I would recommend building out an Insights report and exporting the data from that report, instead of exporting from Lexicon.

You will need to define the event that you are interested in, and from there you can breakdown by “Current URL” and other properties that you are interested in exporting. If you are using a client-side SDK, then you can breakdown by default properties such as City and Device.

Worked for me. Thanks for the tip.

@Ilunafriq Love to hear that! Thanks for letting us know.