Embed Reports in Other Websites or Apps

The ability to embed a dashboard report in another website or app would be great.

  1. Create report in Mixpanel per usual process
  2. Click ••• on the created report, choose embed
  3. Modal appears with the embed code
  4. Copy / Paste embed code to desired location - likely producing an iFrame with the report in it

This would be amazing. Also, having the possibility of modifying filters(to show a specific city in that report) would be great for showing that data in our admin tool(like clicking a given city and seeing the same reports but linked to the city you're viewing).

Really looking for this feature. It would enable mixpanel users to directly build the dashboards inside the admin app.


Ideally, we’d be able to pass variables via the query string into the report to filter it by properties

+1 on this! Mixpanel isn’t our only data viz/reporting software. Having the ability to embed mixpanel reports  (public or otherwise) alongside other visualizations on my website would be amazing

Definately +1, I need this feature.