Embed Reports in Other Websites or Apps

The ability to embed a dashboard report in another website or app would be great.

  1. Create report in Mixpanel per usual process
  2. Click ••• on the created report, choose embed
  3. Modal appears with the embed code
  4. Copy / Paste embed code to desired location - likely producing an iFrame with the report in it

In a healthcare product, where the KPIs are related to patient safety, having the ability to show healthcare workers the impact they are making via the platform would great.

The ability to embed a few reports inside of the product, on their profile dashboard, would be a nice way to show the healthcare workers the value they are delivering to the patients.

For example, a simple line chart showing money saved for their patients, or a line chart showing hospitalization trends going down, or a simple row of numbers showing total patients helped this month, etc.

Being able to show the platform users the good work they are doing should increase retention, and increase subscription rates.

Being able to compare an individual’s results to the cohort they are in could motivate them to do better work, if they are performing below the cohort’s average. For example, am I doing more or less patient safety reviews than the rest of the company?

@chsweb we filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team for review.


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Please make sure you are subscribed to this Idea - via the Subscribe star button at the bottom of the post - to get emailed updates on its progress.


This part of these replies is confusing.

  1. Do I look for the star here, or on the product gap post? Assuming the new post.
  2. How do I find the product gap post? What is it called? Can we link to it from here?

…oh, it looks like I already subscribed.

@chsweb apologies for the confusion, I see where you are coming from. Taking your feedback, going forward we will link to our Subscribe help post to make it clear on  where to find the star subscription option on the idea posted. 

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I really really want this feature. +1 +1 +1

I also strongly encourage the development of this feature! Would be great to be able to include Mixpanel reports that show the outcomes/impact of our decisions alongside the planning and decision-making that led to it.

Any updates on this feature?

I like this feature a lot as well.   I have people in my company that really should see certain metrics, but really aren’t into logging into mixpanel.   Would like to show various charts within our internal web portal.   

Yes, I’d love to have this feature!

I would absolutely love this feature! I want our team to heavily use our mixpanel data, but getting them to add another tool is difficult, so I’d love to push mixpanel charts to places (like Notion) where we commonly spec our plans. 

This feature will be incredibly helpful and would push for the rest of our team to use mixpanel more often.

No updates as of yet, but this is certainly something that our PM team is aiming to solve for!

This would be super helpful for us to get insights into our apps from Mixpanel as embedded dashboards.

We have B2B customers that are using the Dataview feature in MixPanel to show how the application they bought from us is being adopted in their organisation. They would very much like to show these results in an embedded iframe dashboard to make available for a wider audience in an internal portal. If mixpanel gave us this feature to embed, it would be wonderful. We do this with many other tools like Grafana, QuickSense, PowerBI etc. 

Any idea if they might come in 2021? Thanks!

Is this done yet? Would be really helpful for companies who work with multiple clients

Really interested in this feature too! It actually lies on the critical path of us picking Mixpanel or another solution for a project. 

I love what mixpanel do, and I want my company to use it. However we need to share stats with our clients in custom client by client dashboards. Embedding these reports into their accounts is a key factor for us to choose Mixpanel.

Also upvote on this one. The whole team works on different tools but we’d love to make sure everyone sees our key metrics all the time

Upvoted. Out team needs to embed reports to a custom webpage as well. Any news on the status?

Upvoted! Our team would love this as well



Definitely need this in our health related product.

+1 this would be awesome

+1 This would be very useful to integrate dashboards or single widgets in any website as a liquid iframe or such.

+1 this would be amazing!