Emailing Dashboards to external customers

It would be great to be able to share the full dashboard in an email to external users. Currently only 8 insights get included and the “View Dashboard” button at the end throws people off because they can’t access our Mixpanel instance. This is been a big issue. There is all this great reporting but no easy way to share. It would be great to have a resolution to this challenge sometime soon. Thanks!

Hi @sthomas,

Thanks for sharing your feedback, this is one of the most popular feature requests we’ve been getting lately and I know that our Product team is investigating ways to solve this gap. I cannot commit this will be released soon, but it’s on our radar. One way I workaround this limitation is to create separate dashboards with a maximum of 8 cards / reports each. The reason why we decided to include a maximum of 8 cards is because of how the majority of the email clients work: adding more than 8 cards would require you to visualize the email in the browser.


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