Email Digests for customers

I think it would be pretty amazing to have a customer-facing version of the Email Digests feature so that we could send users data about their own performance and engagement in the app. Maybe it could work by adding an option ‘Save as module’ for dashboards, to take advantage of modules when creating email messages in the Messages section. Alternatively, maybe the ‘Email digest’ feature could have a ‘set up as Message’ option or ‘advanced targeting’ that links up with Messages. 

@dennis-writerduet we now have a feature in beta which is public dashboards, would this suit your use-case?

Updated idea status SUBMITTEDIN REVIEW

Very awesome feature! However, it doesn’t suit this use case. 

The idea here would be to be able to send a user an email that tells them how they’ve personally been progressing at using certain features in the app. So, now that Public Dashboards exist, I could send out a link in an email to all of our consenting users about how much progress I have personally made in using some set of features in the app (e.g. “I wrote 300 words this month with my account!”, or “I wrote for more than 45 minutes on three different occasions in the last week. Nice! Check it out: {dashboard link}”). What would be really cool, though, is if I could instead have the link include the recipient’s email address as a variable, so that it was their own personal dashboard showing their progress (e.g. “You wrote 300 words this month with your account!”, or “You wrote for more than 45 minutes on three different occasions in the last week. Nice! Check it out: {dashboard link with set as an automatic filter that is specific to each recipient of an email blast}”). 

From there, it would also be nice to be able to embed it. You’d end up with an email sort of like what Grammarly sends out to their users. 

I appreciate that this is a pretty intense feature request haha. And that it involves updates to the Messages feature, for which there is no longer a team. 

And again, Public Dashboards are really great and exciting and I look forward to using them!