Dynamically set custom compare period that applies to all cards period within a dashboard

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I would love to have the ability to set a custom comparison period on the fly in the dashboard, to apply to all the cards at once (to avoid redundant cards or manual drilldown into each card).


This will help us answer some of the most important questions a company might have, such as what effect did campaign X or external event Y have on our key metrics?


To quickly see the trend in a single glance of our dashboard, we would need to select the main period where X or Y happened (which is already possible), but we would also need to set a custom comparison period as our baseline for the entire dashboard, without having to click into each card to do so.

Hi!  Matt here from Mixpanel.  Thanks for the thought. 


This is a great idea, and has been something that multiple customers have (smartly) asked for.  Unfortunately this is not something we can do currently.  We would love to add this feature in though!  When we do, I’ll ping this chat.  

While this feature does not have an ETA, we are actively working on buffing up dashboards in other ways, so stay tuned!