Dashboards allow filter by group

As a Customer Success Representative, I want to filter dashboards by account level properties, so I can see everything happening with my account using terms I am familiar with.

We use group properties to contain account information, such as the size of the account, the name, the sales rep, the region.  If I could filter a dashboard by my region, I could see the health of all my accounts.  Filtering by name or account id is much easier for me than filtering by user properties.

This should be part of Group Analytics, right? It currently feels a bit frayed.. Adding this filter to the dashboard would allow for really awesome Customer Success use-cases.

Yeahh this seems a bit bizarre - I’ve built a dashboard that exclusively uses GroupIDs as opposed to UserIDs; and yet I can only filter on User traits?!

This really needs fixing otherwise dashboards for Groups are fairly weak.

This would make sense for our business as well (and loads of other’s I’m sure). So it gets a vote from me!

Updated idea status SUBMITTEDIN REVIEW

How long is this in review? This must be a typical high value feature that will allow many use cases and touch more people….