Dashboard – Show statistical significance with Funnel visualisations

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I have a dashboard with multiple funnel reports using different visualisations, e.g. Steps, Median time to convert, etc.


However, the only way for me to see the statistical significance of each is to go directly to the funnel report, which is cumbersome for multiple funnels on a dashboard. It would save me a lot of time to be able to see the statistical significance somewhere on the different visualisations.



I came here to say the exact same thing. Currently the dashboard allows me to set the funnel to “metric” mode, which is pretty neat (I attached a screenshot) but it would be great if that also showed the statistical significance of the difference.


The steps view could be another place to put it, but that’s already a busy figure, especially with the two bars on the left that are always at 100% in all my use cases.