Dashboard Improvement: All user to adjust height of dashboard cards, not just width

@cpellows FYI

Allow user to adjust height of dashboard cards, not just width - Many times I want to see more then the fist 6 lines of a bar graph and would not mind if it took up more vertical space

@cherise_MixpanelTeam as requested I am submitting all items from @cpellows "dashboard improvements" idea as separate ideas. Please submit submit product gaps and whenever possible provide a status update. Thank you in advance.

@cpellows and @kontriant-

We submitted this as a product gap to our Engineering and Product Development team on your behalf.

I'd use this, too. Although if I could just create email digests on Insights and Funnel reports directly, that'd serve my particular use case, as well.

@brendan can I kindly ask that you vote for this idea.

My stakeholders want to be able to see the top 10 of .... in a Mixpanel report. We currently can we view only the top 6 values in a bar chart report at a dashboard level.

Your vote will help raise awareness for this use case

+1 on ability edit the height of the widgets on the dashboard. Showing the first 5 of a bar chart is just not enough if you want to segment by user group and product functionality

Please add this. top 6 customers is definitely not enough. All my stakeholders have to click each chart to see the details, it kills a little the purpose of the dashboard.

@ShannonB & @nikoul Thank you for sharing more details on this thread! I’ve shared this with our Dashboard team. 

Hi, also struggle with the fixed height by a simple use case. I want to see the differences over each day of the week. Sunday is no funday? It’s missing.

I bet you will find a nice solution. Maybe just a whole row can be increased instead of single report widgets? Keep up the good work. 



Ideally a report should be able to expand rows as easily as it is to expand columns.  Just add a + icon on the horizontal line that allows a user to expand the report down an additional row(s).